The campaign is currently under construction.

Players, please note the following rules for creating a character:

  • No evil alignments – everything else is on the table
  • No advanced races – core Pathfinder races only
  • Choose classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook or Advanced Player’s Guide – see me if you want to make a case for something special
  • Player’s start at age 18
  • 25 point buy system (High Fantasy, as there are only 3 heroes)

I haven’t worked up the details on point-buy, so for now, please consider the race/class you would like to play. Player characters will be from the same general town/region, and may either know of one another, or have a stronger bond with other players; your choice to work that out as you will.

Player setting will be custom-made, but the god pantheon will be loosely based on Forgotten Realms. If your character has religion, please choose from that pantheon: Forgotten Realms Dieties

The characters will be originally from a sleepy farming village. Assume that whatever your class is, there is sufficient training to achieve level 1 within a reasonable distance, though your specific training facility may not be present in the village. If your character is not currently residing in the village, devise a backstory mechanic for yourself that puts you in the town at the start of the campaign. If you do not, or cannot, choose one, I will be providing a reason in game for multiple out-of-towners to be returning home. You decide.

Let me know if you have questions!

Hour of Confluence

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